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Kengo Kuma to Build Copenhagen Aquatic Center | Yeddalin-


Kengo Kuma to Build Copenhagen Aquatic Center

Matt Dougherty • April 13, 2018

Copenhagen’s artificial Paper Island, part of the city’s harbor, is getting a waterfront cultural center courtesy of after the architect’s design scheme was unanimously chosen by the competition’s jury. Framed by striking brick pyramids, the aquatics center will feature indoor pools and outdoor baths that slope down to the sea. The tapered, earthen-toned brick pyramids are designed to partially protect bathers from the outdoors elements. Some will have triangular openings at their bases for a more outdoor experience, while others will be completely inside with skylights.

Dubbed the Papirøen Waterfront Cultural Center, the facility, which also includes a gym and sports facilities, will be the main attraction of the man-made island’s evolution into a cultural, overseen by Danish architecture firm COBE. Both are expected to be completed by 2021.