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BIG Unveils Design for Switzerland Ski Hotel | Yeddalin-


BIG Unveils Design for Switzerland Ski Hotel

Matt Dougherty • April 13, 2018

(BIG) has joined forces with for the proposed ski resort Audemars Piguet Hotel des Horlogers, located in Switzerland’s Vallée de Joux. The defining feature is the zig-zag form that allows guests to ski down from the roof to the ground floor via five gentle slopes that lead to the area’s ski trails. The slopes can also double as terraces to overlook the surrounding valley.

Partly built underground, the property will integrate into the natural topography of the valley. Once completed, the hotel is estimated to have roughly 50 guestrooms divided up between the five corridors that make up the slopes, as well as a bar, spa, conference center, and two restaurants on the ground floor. The hotel is expected to open in 2020.