Design Plans Revealed for Virgin Voyages

Will Speros • June 4, 2018

The first renderings for have been revealed to highlight the concept’s expression of the Modern Romance of Sailing. Led by Dee Cooper, senior vice president of design for Virgin, the interior will be crafted by a range of design firms, including Amsterdam-based firm ,  and  in London, and New York-based practices and . The first of ship in the Virgin Voyages fleet is slated to set sail in 2020. A contemporary aesthetic will complement the glamour and the sophistication of life on the high seas. Classic nautical elements like steel, brass, and portholes will also be included.

Known as Richard’s Rooftop, the ship’s top deck will be crafted by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio as a chic and private outdoor lounge that exudes a futuristic ambiance with circular loungers, large umbrellas, and accents of dichroic glass. Also designed by Tom Dixon, the upscale Mexican concept Pink Agave will be outfitted with void lighting as well as electric blue metallic fixtures that descend from the ceiling above oversized banquettes. An elongated curved lounger will anchor the interior, while the bar area in the foyer and the private dining room will host larger groups.

Inspired by Virgin founder Richard Branson, the ship’s nightclub, the Manor, will feature signature touches from Roman and Williams, such as emerald hues, aubergine undertones, and gold accents that accentuate the glitz of the sea. Roman and Williams will also design the versatile outdoor lounge the Dock.

Concrete will spearhead the design of the Athletic Club, an outdoor lounge that echoes traditional nautical designs with daybeds and white and red striped semi-circular loungers. An adjacent, 220-square-foot area of triple netting will provide an alternative layout space that overlooks the deck below. Concrete will also oversee the creation of the Test Kitchen restaurant, which will welcome diners with inviting light fixtures that mimic the periodic table. The eatery will be accented with metallic furniture, sleek lines, and furnishings like beakers, test tubes, and volumetric flasks.