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Jeffrey Beers Reimagines Wyndham Guestrooms

Will Speros • May 15, 2018

New York-based (JBI) has introduced new guestroom concepts for . The hotel group has partnered with wellness innovator Delos to roll out the Stay Well experience for guests, which will emphasize the importance of a quality night’s sleep. The program is expected to be fully introduced by 2019.

The Stay Well program will be equipped with air purification technology as well as aromatherapy and circadian lighting. A dawn simulator will also be incorporated to gradually increase in-room exposure to natural light. Anchored by the bed, the design will emphasize calming elements and innovative, modern details like bedside, magnetic charging stations and noise-reducing fabric panels. Serene, abstract wall artwork and carpeting will integrate color and texture.

“At JBI we always think first about the guest experience: how people feel when they enter a space,” says  founder and CEO Jeffrey Beers. “We’ve designed with this in mind—how the room balances between clean, modern lines and soft curves. This balance creates a feeling of tranquility and invites you to breathe a sigh of relief when you close the door behind you.”