Minor Lab Transforms Beijing Hutong into New Office

Will Speros • July 16, 2018

Chinese firm has completed work on a new office in Beijing, which is housed within a reimagined residence in a historic district of the Chinese capital. The structure reflects the hutong typology, which refers to a residential design oriented around a square courtyard that exits to a narrow commercial corridor. The design will serve as the temporary office and exhibition space for PAGEONE Bookstore.

Two ginkgo trees ascend from the core of the design surrounded by translucent rooms along the building perimeter. To promote the hutong principles of inclusivity, the design balances new and original materials, while adjusting the scale of the space as well as its response to natural light.

Metal plates are installed in the main office space alongside a showcase window and a bright exhibition area at the entrance. The opposite end of the hutong accommodates a guestroom, bathroom, kitchen, and café—all of which are adorned with light and translucent cladding crafted from steel, glass, and polycarbonate paneling to ensure privacy and thermal insulation. A former sunken theater space has also been transformed into an office, outfitted with a layer of suspended metal mesh.