Vocon Designs New York Headquarters for Compass

Will Speros • June 4, 2018

Global architecture and design firm has completed the design of the New York headquarters for real estate firm . Crafted to meet the firm’s demands for an open and multifunctional environment, the eclectic layout is configured to promote collaboration and creativity.

The office comprises a series of interlocking zones including a central collaboration area, interconnecting stairs, a work café, and ancillary coffee bars. Anchoring the open office, the collaboration zone provides a visual enhancement to the interior while also providing a space for private and group work. In addition to a moss wall and media center, Vocon also repurposed the fire stairs to function as an experiential link across each floor. The new work café comprises modular furniture, private booths, a game room, and a rejuvenation lounge. Small coffee hubs are installed near the interconnecting stairs as well.

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