5 Questions for Hedwig Heinsman

January 10, 2018

Photos: Recent Projects

How did you incorporate 3D-printed furniture in the Loft flagship department store in Ginza, Tokyo, with interiors by Tokyo’s Schemata?
We found great inspiration in Japanese folding and drawing techniques, which resulted in cyclic printed patterns with delicate harmonious changes. The entire project took less than five months with design and production done entirely in Amsterdam, as there are no XL 3D printers in Japan. The five bespoke settings are placed close to important routings so people can halt for a while, stand still, or even sit and experience the products on display.

How is 3D printing evolving?
In the future, we’ll simply share our digital files with companies and the products will be entirely manufactured on site. The production process is clean and materials can be recycled. We see a growing variety of materials that will transcend the mere novelty of 3D printing [and] bring an entirely new tactile appeal.

What are some other examples of how your office has used XL 3D printing?
We’ve used the technology in façade cladding with integrated seating in the entrance building for the EU presidency 2016 [at the Amsterdam Marineterrein]. The [bio-plastics] can be entirely recycled into new 3D prints. Another example is the Urban Cabin in Amsterdam, a tiny house that [looks] at compact and sustainable dwelling solutions in urban environments.

Your firm has 14 manifestos that guide how you work.
We deliberately call it a momentary manifesto, meaning that it is in constant flux. We use them in the same way you use ingredients during cooking: some we use often, others a few times to add extra flavor. We’ll never lose ‘Enjoy what you do and have fun’ and ‘Make it beautiful,’ of course.

Another one is “Be an urban architect.” How do you define that?
A small product can bring a big solution. All details shape our habitat, from the coffee mug we drink to the neighborhood we live in. We embrace the idea of designing buildings as scripts rather than a blueprint. We reserve space for change and celebrate the informal.

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