Checking in with Bobbi Brown

May 10, 2018
Bobbi Brown. Photography by Lesley Unruh

From makeup magnate to hotelier
I am a serial entrepreneur who loves to dive into projects that are new and that I’ve never done before. This one combined two of my favorite things: travel and design.

On opening the George Inn in Montclair, New Jersey
My husband [Steven Plofker] purchased the inn and brought me on as creative director. It was the first time we had the opportunity to work together on something I’d never done before, and I knew it would be exciting.

Montclair standouts
The town is full of character. It has everything from stately, old homes to urban, industrial buildings. The vibe is very cool. Montclair is diverse, eclectic, creative, and ever-changing.

Best spot on the property
I love the library. I could sit in it all day. It is such a great living room.

Design inspiration
We sourced pieces from all over the place. Several were picked up during our travels, others were brought in from our personal collection. However, we wanted pieces that we loved and it didn’t matter where they came from. The amazing thing about design is you can find interesting pieces [from anywhere] and make them look cool.

Where makeup and design meet
Just like with makeup, sometimes less is more. It’s not about using the most expensive products, it’s about using the right products that give you the best, most beautiful end result. My passion for makeup translates into design in many ways, but most significant is my love of colors. As with makeup, I like to start with a neutral palette and then add in pops of color.