Portfolio Review with Lauren Rottet

January 10, 2018

Residential: Williams/Croft Home, Santa Monica, California
It blends entertaining seamlessly within an outdoor courtyard, gardens, fireplace, and a lap pool, which [is surrounded by] stunning Richard Schultz patio furniture. The double-height living room with exposed brick and a grid wall of glass emphasizes a Mediterranean atmosphere. It’s an entertainment home with great juju.
Interesting fact: The couple who live there love to entertain. They had been to the home previously because good friends of theirs owned it. They wanted to put their own stamp on the place, but not destroy the spirit. The husband was a champion ping pong player at the University of Southern California, so we had to find a way to install a ping pong table in the family room.

Williams/Croft Home

Ho The Pendry, San Diego
The inspiration combines English refinement with new Bohemian flourishes like a woody beach cruiser, brass valve-controlled steam engines, and polished metal reminiscent of an airplane fuselage. A rich palette in the 317 rooms uses shades of blue, upholstered wood furnishings, terrazzo, stainless steel accents, custom wallcoverings, polished brass and blackened-iron metal accents in the custom light fixtures, and cold-rolled steel windows. The first introduction to the brand is the polished aluminum reception desk resembling the riveted paneling of an experimental aircraft from the 1950s. The desk’s wood ribs are skillfully wrapped in the polished aluminum, while car fabricators handcrafted the panels.
Interesting fact: We designed and constructed a special elevator that could transport a car up to the ballroom.

The Pendry

Product: Rottet Collection
Our new furniture offerings incorporate my love of architecture and reflect my passion for creating spaces and objects that impart kinetic energy, enlivening each environment. They also showcase my penchant for luxurious materials, including glossy acrylic, fur, leather, marble, metal, rattan, and fine wood veneer.
Interesting fact: I envision the product as an extension of the environment we are creating. If I can’t find the product I want, I design it. I love how quickly you can bring a product to reality, testing new materials and design ideas without the huge commitment of a whole building or interior design scheme. It’s spontaneous yet detailed.

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