Eastwind Hotel & Bar

Photography courtesy of Eastwind Hotel & Bar • August 9, 2018

Co-owners: Bjorn Boyer, Julija Stoliarova, Daniel Cipriani, and John Burnett, Windham, New York

The details: With their 19-room Scandinavian-inspired Eastwind Hotel & Bar, first-time hoteliers Daniel Cipriani, John Burnett, and husband and wife team Bjorn Boyer and Julija Stoliarova wanted “to create a cool, cozy spot that would be a great escape from hectic city life,” says Stoliarova, who spearheaded the design.

The project includes the renovation of two existing buildings, as well as the construction of three minimalist wooden A-frame huts, which offer a window-side bed, private bathroom, midcentury furnishings, black barn doors, and schoolhouse-style ceiling lamps. The palette skews natural—beige, gray, navy, brown, and black—with pops of color provided by wallpapers and custom yarn wall hangings from Alexis Sassard.

The rooms and common spaces—which include the lobby and a bar/breakfast room called the Salon—are laden with the couple’s hauls from antiques shops, estate sales, and flea markets. “They all have some kind of meaning to me,” Stoliarova says of the “tons of wood frames, typewriters, Turkish rugs, woven baskets, old sports gear, and, one of my favorite finds, a stack of Catskills magazines from 1970.” A custom shingle-clad reception desk and a vintage library hutch stocked with board games and books-to-borrow complete the picture.

One recurring motif: mushrooms, which show up in the framed prints and botanical books that dot the inn. “They’re one of my favorite foods, and I foraged for them when I was growing up in Lithuania,” says Stoliarova. “Bjorn did the same every Sunday as a child in Germany. There’s also a fungi community in the Catskills and mushroom tours are very popular, so this all ties into the location of the hotel.”

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