Finding Inspiration 2018: Wellness

September 24, 2018

Photos: Wellness

The Dreamery by Casper
New York
To transport guests from the hustle and bustle of city life to a soothing magical oasis, ecommerce mattress company Casper teamed up with New York-based architect on , the emissary of slumber in the city that never sleeps. Dreamy murals, soft, h pastels, and a starlit entryway comprising a plywood tunnel coated in midnight blue and dotted with twinkling lights encourages sleep-deprived New Yorkers to recharge, reboot, and descend into on-demand comfort for 45-minute sleep sessions. The nine private, stylish pods are made of beechwood with curtains to block out sound and light, ensuring that rest becomes an integral part of everyone’s wellness routines.

The Dreamery by Casper

The Wellness Clinic by New York Dermatology Group (NYDG)
New York-based transformed the second floor of a landmark building on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue into ’s serene and minimalist 7,000-square-foot flagship facility. The wellness retreat encompasses a blood-infusion facility, a nutrition center, two cryotherapy facilities, and eight treatment rooms, each with a classic material palette that includes reclaimed industrial oak flooring, white-polished plaster walls, and bronze baseboards. The light and airy corridors set the mood with pearlescent arching panels wrapped in an interlocking MDF-backed fiberglass contrasting dark floors, bronze trim details, and a walnut-slatted ceiling. “The concept was simple and strong,” says firm president and CEO Brandon Haw. “Our intention was to create a space that would be serenely calm and contemporary—a sanctuary from the craziness of everyday life in the city.”

The Wellness Clinic by NYDG

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