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My Chelsea

Photography by Jack Hobhouse • April 5, 2018

What started as a simple commission to redesign the lower level spa and bathrooms of London’s boutique hotel My Chelsea turned into a full-scale overhaul of the 54-room hotel. Considering the bees that live on the hotel roof whose honey is served to guests, the owner “wanted to make the space about health and wellness,” says Dara Huang, founder of local architecture and interior firm Design Haus Liberty. An appropriate greenhouse theme is unveiled in the new Living Room lounge and café, where h green velvet chairs, leather banquettes, a monochromatic color palette, and dense potted greenery sit beneath a pitched glass roof. Topped by Carrara marble, the brass bar offers a luxe honey-colored accent, while white oak floors are laid in a distinctive geometric pattern, contrasting dramatically with black accents found on furniture, glass panels, and walls. Dew drop-like glass pendants drip from the guestroom ceilings where floral artwork dots the dark blue walls and hexagon concrete tiling wraps the bathroom. Yet, it’s the glassed-in central atrium that is the heart of the Chelsea neighborhood property, and one of Huang’s favorite spaces. “It’s amazing how it feels welcoming and comfortable no matter what time of day it is,” she says.

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