Myconian Avaton Resort

Tara Mastrelli • July 31, 2018

Photos: Myconian Avaton Resort

On a craggy shoreline of southern Mykonos, the seems to miraculously grow out of the bare rock of famed Elia Beach. A stunning testament to traditional Cycladic architecture, the resort by architect Giannis Dalezios blends local stone with white walls and wooden windows. “Mykonos is a timeless source of inspiration and progress—an exciting part of our lives that led [us] on an unparalleled journey,” says Vangelis Daktylides, who owns the property along with his three brothers and whose father is an icon on the island, known for luxury hotel the Ambassador, which was awarded 5-Star status—the first in Mykonos—in 1992.

The brief for the 85-room resort was to redefine the aesthetics of the infamous Greek island and create and choreograph the entire guest experience from the entrance to the guestrooms. “My goal was to combine luxury with the Cycladic aesthetic and offer the visitor the present of wandering the timeless Greek summer,” says local designer Antonis Kalogridis, who along with his partner Vangelis Takos, created a sense of luxury that feels wholly original yet very much of the island. Kalogridis says he found inspiration “in every passing moment I have spent on this island with the crystal waters and fine sand. The sea, the sun, the rocks and anything else that draws my attention is a source of creativity.”

Poured concrete floors offset a harmonious melding of modern and vintage furniture, infusing the space with a contemporary yet classic spirit. “The blending of the stone with the wood; the red, black, and white color contrasts; and the decorative elements that function as global elements” are part of an aesthetical layering that celebrates the eternal summer, says Kalogridis. At Kokkino bar, for instance, an infinity pool complements red parasols and an amber-toned bar, while fine-dining establishment Panorama is perched above the Aegean with a breathtaking Elia Beach backdrop.

“As locals, there is a mutual dependence with the people and the land of Mykonos. Our respect for the land and its people is reflected in our actions, giving back through environmental conservation initiatives, local sourcing, waste recycling and consistent support to the Cycladic island communities. There’s a real sense that we are all connected,” says Markos Daktylides. To that end, all the local produce served at the property is grown exclusively for the resort, while a local provider catches seafood in the waters around Delos solely for his family and the hotel’s chef. To honor its heritage as a place ‘no common foot may be set upon’ (Myconian’s Greek meaning), Daktylides wanted the pristine beach resort to inhabit the island’s majestic qualities. “This is the sensation you will experience as you step into this sanctuary,” he says.

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